How We Can Help You

Free Legal Services Available From DuPage Legal Aid

Most of our volunteer attorneys are available for cases involving family issues, such as divorce, custody and child support, but we do also provide some free legal help in other areas of law as well. If you are seeking such help, we will need for you to complete a telephone or in-person screening with one of our staff to confirm that you qualify under the applicable eligibility guidelines. During this confidential screening, you will be asked a series of questions and asked to provide some documents to verify your answers. If you qualify for assistance, you will then be assigned to a staff attorney or volunteer lawyer from the DuPage County Bar Association who will help you going forward. If you do not qualify, the staff member with whom you have your initial screening will help point you in the right direction for other resources. To arrange a screening, please call (630) 653-6212 or CLICK HERE.